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Lindsay Lowend - Hudson Project Review

Out of the twenty-five plus artists who played on the first day of Hudson Project Music Festival, Lindsey Lowend aka (Tony Mendez) threw down one of the most diverse sets of the opening day. He incorporated a blend of smooth, melodic originals along with some dope trap based remixes...



My personal favorite was a remix of Cashmere Cat’s breakthrough track entitled “Do You Like” where Lindsey re-worked the song and brought the tempo and pitch up for a heavy hitting trapped up banger! The next time you have the chance to see D.C.’s own Linsey Lowend perform a set, I can promise you that his sound won’t disappoint you.

"I have to say that every time I say Lindsay Lowend" they say "Lindsay Lohan" and I say "no...." and I get to introduce him and talk about him.  I kind of find it a little funny.  He told Alex and I that he picked it randomly but I feel like he actually wanted people to say "Lindsay Lohan!?"

After over six hours of waiting in the line for the Hudson Project Music Festival shuttle from the parking lot to the actual venue, we decided to cover local DMV (Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia) based artist Lindsey Lowend. Me and my crew trekked through the mud (similar to a Woodstock 95’ flashback) and made our way to the circus tent for the up and coming EDM/Trap DJ’s set. At first I was definitely surprised at the large turnout for the show due to the fact that Lindsey Lowend is still on an upward trend towards stardom. I quickly realized that for change of pace, the festival did something right and created a more authentic rave atmosphere at the event by placing most of the up and coming new school talent at the Circus Tent, which drove traffic to a lot of raw artists.



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Article written by Alex Dixon & Owen J.

Posted on July 17, 2014

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