Artist Spotlight: Interview with Spob

In the past few years, budding music producers on soundcloud have been making waves with their eclectic and futuristic styles. There has been a particularly impressive influx of artists in the “future bass” genre, which has emerged recently. Rather than following in the footsteps of mainstream trap artists, these new age producers have really pushed the envelope when it comes to creative beatmaking. Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with one of these producers and gained some valuable insight on what the craft meant to him. Spob (aka lil netzero) has been a heavy hitter on the soundcloud scene for the past few years, with followers as prestigious as Team Sesh. Here’s what he had to say:

(R)First of all I appreciate you taking the time to speak with me today. I’ve followed you for a while on soundcloud and have always wanted to get the inside scoop on your production. Do have any special projects you’re working on at the moment?

(spob)I'd like to say thank you for enjoying the noise i make from time to time. I use fl studio 11 on my 4 year old laptop. Yes but i'm taking my time since life has been a curveball atm.

 (R)Interesting. Was there any particular event that got you into producing or did you just pick it up randomly?

(spob)To be honest it started with dubstep lol. but i started digging deeper in the web for new music and found soundcloud when it was still decent and finding dj smokey on youtube.

(R)I must say the aura in your tracks is very unique. It really has an experimental and nostalgic feel to it. Would you mind elaborating on where you get the inspiration for this?

(spob)My inspiration came from others on soundcloud. everyone is just so good in their own way. talking and becoming friends with other soundcloud producers like cight and vaiku (goon) and the bandwidth boys crew and so many other cool people will always be one of my fav memories.

(R)Who would you say your biggest influences are on soundcloud and why?

(spob)Rn Greaf and blank body. why greaf? his sampling and simple but satisfying drum patterns. why blank body? iguana, jk but for his complexity. he is a prodigy of this generation and i'm happy to be alive to hear his music.

(R)I recall that around a year ago you were known as lil netzero. Was there anything specific that led to the name change?

(spob)It was kinda of a joke thing that i didn't feel anymore.

(R)Do have any concrete plans for your production in the near future?

(spob)Yes more boner jams.

(R)On  a similar note, do you think these soundcloud producers are the future faces of the music industry?

(spob)No f*** the industry because we must be free when it comes to music. Also f*** money. But i see them as pioneers for the future of music.

(R)Once again I appreciate your time. Do have anything else you’d like to convey to your followers and fans?

(spob)Thanks for liking me and my shit noise. I am not giving up on music. be yourselfs. be positive. remember money isn't everything. also s/o dj smokey, yung cortex, GRAPES, angelboykuba, greaf and blank body my girlfriend and the internet.

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Written by Reed S.

Posted on Sept. 20, 2015

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