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Interview with Producer AcidBrain

     Hailing from the Motor City, young producer AcidBrain has been making waves recently with his seemingly unparalleled production style.  Despite being younger than the vast majority of producers out there, the quality exhibited in his tracks rivals even the most seasoned professionals.  


      Rather than selling out like many industry figureheads, Zach Brodak (AcidBrain), prides himself on maintaining individuality and authenticity over all else.  Instead of bombarding his soundcloud followers with generic “turnup” tracks, the young producer continues to melt brains with his atmospheric and emotionally driven beats.  Along with close friend and fellow producer epvr, also from Detroit, Zach hopes to bring truly genuine and heartfelt beat making into the limelight.  I had the honor of speaking with this young man when I was stuck in Detroit for a day after my flight to LA was delayed (thanks to federal budget cuts), and I was amazed by the insight he fostered at such a young age.  Below is the interview that was conducted:

Reed:  First of all, I want to express my admiration for you as such an ambitious producer.  What exactly prompted the idea of AcidBrain in the first place?

Zach:  AcidBrain was created off of the desire to simply make beats for myself as a way of just creating music in a different form other than rap.  All inspired and brought up from my good friend epvr.

Reed:Interesting, I guess there are a multitude of ways for one to get creatively stimulated, and you’ve certainly found yours.  If you could describe your production style in one word, what would it be?

Zach:  One word... wavy

Reed:  Well this next question is slightly selfish of me has a fellow producer, but do you have any tips and tricks for making that thick 808 bassline really pulsate?

Zach:  Change the pitch man and time it right haha it will come in time for anyone trying to get it right.

Reed:  You’ve said to me that you value individuality and maintaining your integrity over all else.  How do you suppose you will be able to do this in an industry saturated with managers who want nothing more than to make a buck?

Zach:  By staying independent or finding the right people in music who also embrace the same values I have and give me musical freedom and not trying to keep me in a box.

Reed:  Lastly, what is your favorite line from a movie?

Zach:  Damn, probably in The BreakFast Club, when the principal asks the burnout kid "What if your dope was on fire" and the burnout kid replies, "Impossible sir, its in Johnsons underwear" and then Brians   (Johnson's) face gets me everytime haha.


Reed:  Honor speaking with you.  Best of luck with your music project.

Zach:  Thanks you too, and shout outs to epvr, white teRs, Tones, Redux, HiGHBRiD, geo, Agile, Loud Lord, and all of CUHLT, check them all out.


Listen to AcidBrain on SoundCloud.

Article written by Reed S.

Posted on August 2, 2014

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