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Designed by Taylor T.  This is a logo and buisness cards I made a few months back for Eye Zod Visuals, a light show company in the DMV. Ziad knew exactly what he was looking for in the logo but had a hard time explaining, so it...

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took a few tries but after a few days I gave him what he was looking for! He told me he wanted to incorporate an eye(hints the name Eye Zod) so I gave it a techy feel other than a traditional eye which I think turned out realaly good. He was looking for neon colors so I made one with green and yellow and another with purple and pink to give him options and he chose the purple and pink logo. I made a custom font for the Zod and placed it over the eye however it really fits in with the logo. This is one of my favorite peices just because of what went in it and how different it really is. For the buisness card the he just told me to design somthing to work with the logo and that he'd let me know if changes needed to be made. He was satified with the first thing I gave him so that worked out! Comment with what you like or dislike about the logo! 


- Posted by Taylor Tripplet 




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