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Flying Lotus at Hudson Project Review

As a true fan of Flying Lotus’s experimental sound, I was excited to see how his live set was going to turn out. As the headliner for the first day of Hudson Music Project, Flying Lotus did not disappoint anyone with his visuals and lighting...

 Video by Owen J.

He decided to perform his entire set in the Circus Tent with a screen in front of him and behind him with some pretty awe inspiring projections creating a 3D experience. The only problem that I found with Flying Lotus’ set was that the strobe lights he used were way too intense, half the time you could look to your right or left and see a good amount of people head banging and covering their eyes at the same time.


Flying Lotus is a talented and technical musician putting on nothing short of a diverse live set. He incorporated music from his past albums along with some great remixes of popular tracks like “Dark Horse” by Katy Perry and “Move That Dope” by Future. To bring the entire show together he stepped away from the turntables and picked up the microphone for a few songs as his alter ego, Captain Murphy, which he usually puts on a mask and disguise for but luckily he blessed his loyal fans with an exclusive appearance. Flying lotus threw down a visually and musically unique experience of a set and I definitely recommend attending one of his live performances the next time Flying Lotus decides to come to a city near you!

Article Written by Alex from

Posted on July 14, 2014



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