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See you guys at Hudson Project - NYC!

Hudson Project is coming soon!  I'm glad to say that we'll be shooting the festival with the-re-up.com!  Check out this stellar line up.  This is by far my favorite Summer Festival Line Up and I'm glad that I'll be able to enjoy all these tunes in the Big Apple.  Also we'll be conducting interviews so if you have any artists you'd like us to interview make a comment!  Click this article to see the complete line up!

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Brought to you by MCP Presents - the same promotional company that brings Camp Bisco year after year so you know it's going to be run hella smooth.  Plus it's 18+ so you don't have to deal with any youngings.  The Daily Freeman reported that there will be an estimated turn out of 18,000 - 22,000 the weekend of July 11!  One of the main reasons why I'm super stoked for this festival is that it combines music genre's from hip hop, edm, rock and roll, and indie.  

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