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Interview with Hubble Bash

Rhett and Ben the Hubble Bash duo have gone though many phases, and names. From Pickle Beats to Dead Crunchy, finally coming full circle to Hubble Bash. They are defiantly original and have a message to spread. I had the opportunity to sit down with them; these dudes are about to do something big, so watch out.  Read this interview to get to know them a little better.  



Katie from EPP:  How did you come up with your name?

Before Hubble Bash was even created we jammed together for about 2 years. We went by the name of Pickle Beats for a while, which was full on jams ad improve. Just playing house parties in ODU. Then we transformed into Dead Crunchy, that was short lived, maybe 2 or 3 months. Only doing a few shows in VA beach. That was all original stuff, but it didn’t feel like the right name. Went back and forth for a few months. We were doing this thing where we would take two words and switch the first letters, at first Ben thought of bubble hash, but switch the first two letters and you get Hubble Bash.

Starting tomorrow you can only listen to one album for the rest of your lives; what would it be?

Rhett: Bob Marley and the Whailers: Babylon by Bus

Ben: Any Lotus live set.

When you guys aren’t playing shows where do you like to party?

Rhett: Id say with my friends, all the shows I go to I’m usually playing at. I avoid going to bars; I love going at bars and making people dance but I don’t typically just go to hang out.

Ben: Friends houses and Reggae concerts.

Whats your favorite liquid?

Water. Water to drink, water to swim in, water to surf in. Water.

What do you think of the rave scene?

Ben: They are intense. They need to keep it safe and look out for eachother. Which I think they do. People think you need drugs to go to a show but you really don’t. that’s really in any scene. For some reason people think they have to get f***ed up at a show, that’s just crazy.

Rhett: There where a bunch of ravers at the last show we played at. They showed us so much love. I like that it’s a positive but what im hesitant about is all the drugs involved. I don’t mess with that stuff, I do love to make them dance but at the same time I don’t want to in courage that. I don’t want to make them have such a good time that they want to keep doing the drugs. All in all I have mixed feeling about the rave scene.

When you guys are making music do you shut off the world, or do you like to have lots of people around?

Completely shut off. We don’t want our friends, best friends. No one. Because well get distracted. We actually produce separately and then come together. We start ideas on our own and then come together.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Ben: Smoke weed, skateboard, play video games, chill with girls.

Rhett: Play soccer, Skate, Study. I’ve been reading a lot about dreams lately.

Do you like big shows or small shows?

Small shows, I feel like the smaller the show the more impact you can have on a person.

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Where do you aspire to play?

Ben: I got one plan; I’m down to play anywhere. But I’ve never met my mom; she lives in Philly. So I would love to play a show in Philly and meet my mom.

Rhett: I’d love to play in New York. Somewhere on the West Coast. Were going to take a little trip to Madrid. We cant take the drums so were just going to play a nice little house set. Id also love to play in Kingston.

Are your sets planned or improved?

We started off improve 100#. Now its about 80#. Its planned in like we have list of songs, but we’ve never played the same set twice.

What can we expect from Hubble Bash in the future?

You can expect a powerful message along with some groovy music. A tour and some bacon.


Here is some of their music and social content.




Article written by Katie Sullivan.



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