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Infected Mushroom and the Fungusmongus Tour at RVA

I think I can speak for everyone that was at The National on Thursday, February 27th when I say that we where all infected.  Amit Duvdevani and Erez Aizen; also known as Infected Mushroom put the entire crowd in a trance (see what I did there?) with thundering bass, glimmering synths and cymbals, howling guitars and lets not forget the spheres. 

infected mushroom rva


Their Fungusamongus tour drew an average sized crowd for a show at the national in Richmond. Which gave everyone in attendance adequate breathing room. I didn’t catch one elbow in the face, which was an improvement from the last show I saw there.   The duo’s mixture of psytrance and rock; blend beautifully. Playing songs from the last decade of their music career, such as, “Cities of the Future” and “Becoming Insane” got the crowd going. But what really sent everyone into a frenzy was the remix of The Foo Fighters “The Pretender”. Emerging from his sphere, Amit belted out the lyrics along with everyone else in the theater. You could see the beads of sweat on his face. The energy at this moment was through the roof. Every person from the back to the front was singing or, rather, screaming and dancing.

Now lets talk about those spheres for a moment. Never seen anything like it. Before opening the curtains green specs of light gleamed. Signaling anticipation that the duo is about to emerge. Then a burst of light and life sized hamster balls! Behind them is a psychedelic video screen, showing an intergalactic space battle and what seemed to be an under water aquarium, so your eyes have as much fun as your ears.

I arrived just as local DJ Shugadadde’s set started, this guys was killing it. Dancing around and having a great time; putting on a great show. I mean the dude mixed with CDs. You don’t see that very often. Next was Butch Clancy, starting off his set by giving a shout out to a girl in the front row who was extra “turnt”. Then jumping right in playing his retwerk of Buraka Som Sistema’s Hangover. Ending his set with “A Beautiful Mind” from the A Beautiful Mind LP.

The constant limb movement and head banging left me pretty sore the next morning. But it was totally worth it. 

- Written by Katie Sullivan

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