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Independent Artist Spotlight: Yung Noize

Recently I had the opportunity to speak with Yung Noize, a vibrant young producer from (Los Angeles, California). Over the course of our conversation I gained a lot of insight on what it means to be a producer and where inspiration comes from.

Yung Noize

 Reed:  What initially inspired you to pursue music production?

 (Well, I use to be a rapper back in my freshman year of high school and I was in this "Rap Group" of two dudes and I didn't really rap much so I produced. What led me to that was one night I searched in "how to make Hardstyle" because i use to listen to Hardstyle religiously and after watching tutorials I downloaded FL Studio and started making a bunch of EDM and cheap Hip-Hop beats that sounded nothing special and I would make beats for my crew. From then on it escalated. After that I got into contact with Falco and he mentored me through out my adventure.)


Reed:  Who/what motivates you the most to continue your craft?

 (What motivates me to continue is the sounds and samples i could make out of ableton. Like seriously, I can make anything out of chopping and sampling other songs and create the shit that I have on my soundcloud and I also enjoy making all types of music. I still make house music but in my own way, kinda like what flylo does. I'm also still shocked to see the massive growing of fans/friends that i have, It still makes me feel confused because I never thought my natural talent was and never thought of myself as nothing bigger.)


Reed:  Do you have any concrete goals/objectives for the near future or are you just taking things as they come?

 (I have so many goals, I'll put them on here

-Making it in music

-Owning a clothing brand 

-Get a beat on Adult Swim

-Produce for Drake, Kendrick Lamar

-Performing at Boiler Room, and Low End theory)


Reed:  If you had to use three adjective to describe your music, what would it be?

 ("Wavey, Dreamy, and Diverse ")


Reed:  Would you like to make a living in the music business or is this more of a hobby for you?

 (Since I started college and it's SO BORING, I really want to pursue it as a career because I don't like how life is right now and i'm gonna push every limit I can to make it into a career)


Reed:  What's one of your pet peeves as a producer?

 (Mastering a song through shitty speakers since my headphone jack broke. You can so tell when you listen to my old stuff because it wasn't mixed properly, also there's not much low end in my 808's)


Reed:  On the contrary, what's your favorite part of the production process? The most challenging?

 (Well, my favorite favorite part of production is sampling. Mainly because i change the whole sound and the way the sample flows. The most challenging is obviously mastering, because of the issues I addressed in the previous questions.)


Reed:  What do you consider to be the most important trait for a producer to possess?

 (Well, you have to like your own shit and keep trying out new things instead of being repetitive. I always challenge myself to make things that I don't usually do under the ordinary. Be deserve. Don't be like everybody everybody else.)


 Reed:  If you had the opportunity to collaborate with any producer, who would it be?

 (My main inspirations: Clams Casino, Flying Lotus, Spaceghostpurrp, Deadmau5, Araabmuzik, and J Dilla. )


 Reed:  I appreciate you taking the time to speak with me today, is there anything else you'd like to convey to your followers and fans?

 (Shit. Never believed I'd see myself making music that every single one of you enjoy! I thank you deeply!)



Follow him on SoundCloud

Twitter:  @YungNxize


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