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Independent Artist Spotlight: Loud Lord

 “Of all the time I’ve spent on soundcloud looking for bone shattering, crowd pleasing tracks, few have measured up to the quality possessed by renowned producer Loud Lord.  But rather than regurgitating generic bangers that one might expect to hear at Electric Daisy Carnival, Loud Lord adds creativity to his productions by sampling Bill O’Reilly and other outlandish figures.  Today I was thankful to speak with him for a brief period to dissect the methods of his madness.”  

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 Reed: “Tell me, LL, what originally got you into producing?  And more specifically how did you come to develop your signature trap style?”

Loud Lord: “I've been a fan of many types of music since I can remember, but it wasn't until about 2 years ago that I started producing my own shit. I was originally into rapping, I wanted to do that until a friend showed some beats he made on FL Studio. I downloaded the demo and spent like a year messing around with it, trying to figure out what I was doing. I made trap beats because that's what I was listening to mostly at the time. I guess I'd say my style is a combination of different things I learned from studying my favorite producers & just trying to make stuff I enjoy listening to.”

 Reed: “I’ve heard that you identify with a group known as “Swisherboyz.” Would you care to elaborate on that?”

 Loud Lord: “Swisherboyz is a set of producers consisting of TDeezy, Myrror, Drae Da Skimask, & myself. We started it like a year ago. We were all doing a lot of collabs together so we just started calling it Swisherboyz whenever we did work within our group. The main purpose is just to have fun making music and support one another; keep eachother motivated. We plan to keep dropping music on a consistent basis individually and collaboratively.”

Reed: “Do you see a strong future in the trap/future bass movement or do you think that it’s hit a peak already?”

Loud Lord: “It definitely seems as if its hit a peak, but I think artists will always find new ways to evolve and raise the bar. Its crazy how many talented artists are out here making new shit everyday. I think people will continue fucking with trap music in the future, even if the hype dies down a bit. The sound will continue evolving.”

Reed: “If you had to describe your music in two words, what would they be?”

Loud Lord: “Sinister, futuristic”

Reed: “I’m curious about your sampling process.  I’ve noticed that you draw from an eclectic array of sources and it would be hard to believe that you do so on the fly.  For instance, what prompted you to sample a Bill O Reilly newscast?  (It was hilarious, by the way).”

Loud Lord: “Its really a different process every time. I use a lot of stuff that I grew up listening to. Sometimes I'll have a random idea for a sample, or I'll hear something that catches my attention while I'm out and I'll write it down in my phone. I spend a lot of time searching for new sounds on youtube and adding new samples to my collection. The Bill O'Reilly clip was really just a last minute idea right before I uploaded the track to soundcloud. I wanted to add some suspense before the drop and the video of Bill O'Reilly getting pissed off just popped in my head, so I used it.”

Reed: “Interesting.  Are there some aspects of production you enjoy more than others?”

Loud Lord: “Definitely. I love the creative aspect of it. Being able to take an idea and turn it into an actual energy waveform is really cool to me. Its a way of communicating without saying anything. I guess the downside is the frustration that comes with constantly trying to create something new. Sometimes you just run out of ideas, or are lacking motivation, and it can become really frustrating when you try and force it.”

Reed: “I appreciate you taking the time to speak with me today.  Is there anything specific you’d like to convey to your followers and fans?”

Loud Lord: “Thank you for having me Reed.Thank you to everyone who's supported me thus far, all the positive reinforcement I've gotten has been incredible. I have so much more work to put out and I can't wait to see what the future holds. If you ever need to contact me or just want to say whatup, you can reach me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Thank you & stay positive.”

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Written by Reed Sligar

Posted on Dec. 18, 2014

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