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Flosstradamus' Sold Out HDYNATION Show in Seattle

If you were out and about around SoDo at the start of this week, you Seattle hasn’t see a night like Monday in quite a while. Trap superstars Flosstradamus and GTA took over the Showbox for the first stop of their HDYNATION Tour and the sh** got wild fast. We greeted by them to a daytime weed warehouse tour by Dama Cannabis Products (stay posted for the video, kids).  Curt was very stoked abput the CBD hash oil pens we had.  Then we dropped them off at their venue for a sold-out house of Seattle’s most committed ragers, already well warmed up by Curtis Williams and the Two-9 collective, the boys took the stage and proceeded to steadily kill it for the next several hours.


Genre blending was the order of the night, with Floss dropping everything from trap classics to electro-house and hardstyle, all to the HDY Nation’s hearty approval. Highlights included a new mashup of Diplo’s Revolution and RL Grime’s Tell Me, as well as a new supah-hot-fiyah collab with Troy Boi set to drop later this year.

Josh and Curt’s showmanship was top notch (as per usual), and with their stage setup of corrugated metal, chainlink fence, and a broken down Ford, Floss managed to conjure their own Post-Apocalyptic-Plurnt-Up universe within the confines of the packed club. Within the current trend for trippy lightshows, the grime felt oddly refreshing. (Also be on the lookout for their use of shadow in their projections. It’s groovy.)




Summed up- Monday was wild. Congratulations if you attended, if not, you should’ve been there. But the good news is that the HDYNATION Tour will be visiting a city near you, and getting better every step of the way. Get your tickets soon, and until the show be on the lookout for a recap album dropping via Empty Planet Productions and The-Re-Up.com

Written by Lucien Blakemore

Photography by Owen J.

Posted on November 20, 2014

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