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Chatting it up with Wax Motiff at Hard

Alex: We’re really enjoying the music coming out of the Australian scene right now

Wax Motif: We’ve been overlooked for so long, and i mean rightfully so because we didn’t have a lot of artists, and now it’s ready to explode. We have dudes doing big room like dirty south, knife pqrty, and tommy trash, dudes doing melbourne bounce like will sparks, the future stuff like flume, what so not, wave racer (A: I love wave racer!),and there’s so many people in every scene, people like motez doing house music, so it’s really good right now.


Alex: Day of the Dead is a really overlooked holiday. What are some of the best costumes you’ve seen in the crowd? 

 Wax Motiff: I saw three girls dressed as Mario, Luigi, and Waluigi, which is cool because no girls fuck with Nintendo games! So many girls are just trying to be like a sexy nurse or something and don’t want to wear the straight up overalls so i thought it was pretty awesome

Alex: It’s great when people are creative with their costume, especially here at such a spread out festival. There are different stages both inside and outside and there are so many great artists who can really bring the rave scene to a festival. Because everyone can DJ, but it takes a certain type of artist to bring that rave feel of a small venue to a festival.

Wax Motiff: That scene is where i come from, so doing the big festival thing is something i had to get used to because sometimes you can do a really deep set and it just doesn’t work. You need to just keep going and there’s an adaptation phase. Now I think I get it, what I need to play at a festival or at a club.

Alex: Do you have any crazy Halloween Stories?

Wax Motiff: Well, I’m from Australia so we don’t really have Halloween (laughs).

Alex: Well at least you have kangaroos

Wax Motiff: Haha yeah we have everything else except Halloween. I think only recently has it been fashionable to dress up for halloween. But, last halloween i went to a really sick partWasy as Duff man, and my friend went as a keg of beer with the duff logo on it and the keg actually worked so you could pour beer from his head.

Alex: Wow, that is really creative! So, do you have anything coming up that you want to talk about?

Wax Motiff:  Yeah, I have a remix for Etnik coming out on OWSLA which I’m pretty proud of. I also have a remix coming out for Chromeo. This is actually my second remix for them, and I know them personally now so it;s nice that I did the first one well enough for them to ask me again. (Looks to manager) can we talk about the EP?

(Manager): Yeah...I mean...yeah

Wax Motiff: I mean, why not? I have an EP coming out on Mau5trap that I’m wrapping up now.

Alex: Oh, ok. Does it have a name yet?

Wax Motiff:  No, not yet. The title usually comes last for me. I guess it usually depends on the vocal, so like the collab i did with tommy trash, for the longest time it was named mad mex, which is the name of a mexican restaurant we were eating at. It was only about two weeks before the song came out that we decided to call it “Hex”, which I now realize sounds a lot like Mad Mex. But usually that kind of thing comes at the end when I’ve figured out the concept.

Alex: Alright, well it’s been great talking to you, man. I appreciate the interview thanks for everything.

Wax Motiff: No problem man, thanks for rollin through!

Written by Alex Dixon

Photography by Owen J.

Posted on Nov. 8, 2014

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