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RL Grime Review at Hard


Looking up at the giant LED screen behind RL Grime on Sunday night, I began to realize that I was witnessing the true essence of what Hard Day of the Dead was all about. Garish images of bone flecks, king cobras, and anglerfish (look it up if you like being terrified) flashed across the screen, taunting the crowd with menacing smiles. In a way, it was an ode to the revelry of the night, inviting the the audience to be on their baddest behavior...


 ...And the crowd ate that shit up! I can say without a doubt that RL Grime had the most turnt up set in all of Hard Day of the Dead festival. Every song that dropped saw the energy level grow exponentially.


The beats hit hard, prompting non-stop dancing, twerking, and general wildin’ out from the audience.  His dark atmosphere added to the sense of mischief as he blazed through trap favorites such as Ferg’s “Work”, Chief Keef’s “Love Sosa”, and of course his anthemic “Mercy” remix. Of course, this was just a warm-up for RL Grime, who also went on to play his own stage with rapper Cam’ron (as well as a secret set after Cashmere Cat), but I can guarantee you he was flying as high as the audience after this truly epic throwdown. For more photos from the album (click here)



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Article by Alex Arviso

Photos by Owen J.

Posted on Nov. 6, 2014



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