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Odesza Repped WA HARD "See what I did there"

After going HARD at Day of the Dead it was about time to vibe out with The-Re-Up x EPP squad and what better way to enjoy the end of Day one than checking out ODESZA. As I walked into the 7Up stage I looked around at a crowd of fans who were sitting down or simply swaying back and forth, bobbing their heads to the smooth tunes at hand. As I picked up the pace towards the pit to make sure my team got in alright, I soon decided that there was no reason to be backstage for this one. ODESZA serenaded the crowd with an awe inspiring light show full of eye-catching visuals that were simple but colorful and well placed. 


(Photos by Owen J.)

As for the tunes that the live mixing duo threw down, simply astonishing to say the least. ODESZA brought the laid back, Pacific Northwest vibes all the way to California for their performance. ODESZA held nothing back as the fans relaxed and enjoyed some seriously well-placed music filled with mesmerizing samples and synths that were tailor-made for the Day of the Dead festival goers. My favorite part of the ODESZA’s set was how they fed off the vibes that he crowd was giving off and gave it right back in the form of some seriously unique and groundbreaking Electronic Dance Music.



Written by Alex Dixon

Posted on Nov. 5, 2014


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