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Pushing Buttons with Araab Muzik at Hard

Although the first night of Hard’s Day of the Dead Festival was beginning to wind down, it was still far too early to turn down as we made our way to Araabmuzik’s set at 9:45. The same sentiment was felt throughout the crowd, whose energy was already through the roof as the stage was being set up. Upon seeing the crowd of this headlining act, I realized that Araabmuzik's presence at Day of the Dead served a very specific purpose. As one of the most unique and exciting crossover acts in Hip-Hop music, Araabmuzik's live shows catered to a certain niche of fans who weren't necessarily at the festival for electronic music.



His signature MPC work was in full force, and it was impressive to see him string together such a vibrant array of samples, horn stabs, and drums on the fly. Backed by a full wall of fractal patterns which pulsed violently to the beat, Araabmusik gave the crowd exactly what they wanted, a chaotic series of beats and mashups which blurred the lines of EDM, Hip-Hop, and even Trap music. The full immersion of visuals and sound fit in perfectly with the festival’s Day of the Dead theme, making Araabmuzik a perfect addition to the lineup and a must-see act in the future.


Article written by Alex Arviso

Photos by Owen J.

Posted on November 4, 2014






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