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Safe in Sound Festival - Seattle Flashback

For a festival in it’s first year of touring, Safe In Sound definitely made a name for itself. Headlined by none other than Flux Pavilion, Adventure Club and Destroid (a unique collaboration between dubstep powerhouses Excision, Downlink and DJ SAWKA) With some of the biggest names in EDM, and boasting 150,000 watts of PK sound, the one night festival drew a massive audience, selling out venues across the country for a night dedicated to bass.  

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Flux Pavillion

Despite recent concerns about sound system compatibility, Seattle was host to the incredible sound system that best showcased the lineup for the night. Along with these huge headliners, the opening act Terrevita killed it, getting the crowd hyped up for a long night of bass music. When Flux Pavilion took the stage, playing a bass heavy mix of his own songs and other artists off record label, circus records. The main attraction of the night, Destroid, came on second after a short pause to set up equipment. Destroids incredibly unique and theatrical performance was something to remember. Coming on stage wearing their standard full body, predator inspired LED costumes, DJ Sawka played a live drum set, at one point playing an extensive drum solo followed by an intense dubstep drop.  

{Destroid Setting UP}

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Perhaps one of the most memorable acts of the night, Adventure club closed out the tour in true bass music fashion. While the first half of the set leaned more towards the newer sound they have been pursuing, playing more electro house and mixes from other artists, they ended with the melodic dubstep bassheads were expecting from the night. As the last stop on the tour, Adventure Club was full of appreciation for the crowd, praising the energy and love they had been shown on the tour. A special moment was taken to sing Leighton happy birthday, after which he was promptly caked in the face. [Video] The show ended with their classic favorite, Lullabies, turning the bass way up to give the crowd a brief taste of what PK sound can really do.  

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Adventure Club

Article written by Ashley Kover

Posted on October 31, 2014 *HAPPY HALLOWEEN*

Photos by Owen Jennings

Last but not least a family photo to end such a great tour!

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