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Porter Robinson’s Immersive Worlds Experience

The North American Worlds’ tour has been making headlines throughout the EDM community, and for good reason. Porter Robinson’s tour reflects his movement towards a new sound, moving away from the heavier music he was formerly known for and taking his fan base by surprise. Although Worlds was not what we were expecting, it is revolutionary in a new and different way.



Porter spent endless hours working on each song, designing the visual experience himself and making his live show a completely immersive experience. With a live band opener and a relaxed feeling to the concert, it isn’t like any EDM show you’ll see all summer. In fact, he tweeted repeatedly at the start of his tour “My shows are not raves. My shows are not raves,” trying to move away from this type of genre.

And indeed, this concert was nothing like the fast paced, heavy electro-house shows fans could previously expect from Porter Robinson. While old favorites off the Spitfire EP were still added to the mix, many of them weaved together with softer songs off the album. One especially memorable mix of “Easy”, “Unison” and “Fresh Static Snow” took audiences away from the calm serenity of the mix for a brief moment, giving a fresh twist on Porter’s previous work and blending it beautifully with the overall feel of the show. Live versions of several songs, including “Flicker” leaned briefly towards the glitchy cringe inducing bass that porter


Porter himself seems to be moving away from the dance music scene to pursue music that more resembled his more popular song from before Worlds release, Language. A moment that many were expecting as the night went on, Porter highlighted the importance of his final song to him personally and to his new direction.

Ending his show with worlds’ “Goodbye to a World” he walked off stage for a brief moment only to come back on by a crowd eagerly chanting the song everyone knew he would end the night with. Before he began, gave a quick word on the song and how it truly influenced him to follow the direction he wanted his music to go; towards the beautiful and artistic style that makes the Worlds album so unique. When “Language” came on, the crowd.

Porter’s beautiful anime inspired graphics and flawlessly mixed material, although drawn from the album, live versions were a new and different experience adding depth and dimension to the live experience. The atmosphere at the concert truly felt like another world, as Porter intended it to, a world that exists within the hearts of fans and is then gone forever. This tour is not to be missed, and has earned it’s place on your summer show list.  


Article by Ashley Kover

Posted on October 27, 2014

Photography:  Peter Noowin (9:30 Club, Washington DC)



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