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Curren$y - Saturday Night Car Tunes Review

Spitta Andretti has done it again, releasing pure “audio dope” for the masses to fiend over in the form of his latest two mixtape releases, Saturday Night Car Tunes x More Saturday Night Car Tunes.  As a lover of classic cars, weed by the pound, and quality tunes, these two projects instantly stuck with me once Curren$ys first track touched my ears a few weeks ago.  Expecting nothing less than a well put together, smoke-heavy mixtape, Curren$y came through with a balanced amount of features, bringing in some new and old favorites from Young Roddy to the homie Mac Miller. 

Saturday Nite Car Tunes

 Starting with his first installment of the Saturday Night Car Tunes series, Spitta decided to create an interesting intro to the mix where he previews a dope beat created by one of his fellow collaborators, Cardo.  However he does not rap over it, only some wise words from the distributor of audio dope can be heard.  As the tape goes on, you get the classic Currren$y mastering filled with rich, timeless samples and inspiring words promoting his fans to stay high and follow their dreams.  My favorite track on this particular EP definitely has to be the Wiz Khalifa feature that Curren$y got on the project entitled “Dojo”, I remember the first time I listened to Saturday Night Car Tunes in the office with my team and between Curren$ys bars and Wiz’s creative ad-lib we knew the old Wiz was finally back for a split second.

Rating: 4.7 / 5


When Curren$y decided to drop a second installment of Saturday Night Car Tunes by promptly adding on a "more" to the title, it was honestly like a second Christmas for me.  After the level of quality that came from his first project, this one followed the same legacy.  Starting off with some nonchalant spoken words over sough after beat from Cardo that wasn't rapped over, followed by Curren$y's condolences some more audio dope was the only thing left to expect.  This time around Spitta brought in Wiz Khalifa for another track but in my opinion Mac MIller's feature stood out the most on this project.  "Money Shot" featuring the most dope general, was a very cleanly finessed single off the project and I wouldn't have it any other way.  My favorite aspect of this tape is that it's for anyone, whether you're working 9-5 at the office or out of your local traphouse (which is a laptop for me), Curren$y lays down some thoughtful, inspiring, and nostalgic lyrics to the most underground rappers who we've come to enjoy are putting out today, bringing in a fresh new take on what it means to be true audio dope peddler.

Rating: 4.7 / 5  

Written by Alex Dixon

Posted Oct. 16, 2014

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