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Here are Our 5 Performances at BumperShoot

Seattle, Washington-

It’s late August, and in Seattle that means two things. For the hard-working men and women of the city, September’s approach yields Labor Day, and live music’s busiest weekend of the year. And what is a holiday without celebration?

Enter, Bumbershoot-weekend.


 Since its inception as the Mayor’s Arts Festival in ’71, Bumbershoot has served as an international focal point for those pushing the boundaries of music, art, design, and entertainment. This year’s program, presented by the hardworking folks at One Reel is no different.

At first glance the lineup casually drips classic names like Elvis Costello.

Bootsy Collins, The Dismemberment Plan, and of course- The Wu-Tang clan, widely rumored to be debuting their most recent release, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, and due to perform what is arguably the most anticipated set of the summer.

And the scene only gets better- the sheer number of independent and local acts showcased at the festival will easily keep Capitol Hill’ s Hippest occupied for a while to come. Trust us- Bumbershoot’s buzzing harder than a beehive this year.

For your pre-festival consideration, we at Empty Planet x The-Re-Up have assembled a list of the top-five acts you need to see at this year’s Bumbershoot:

5. Elvis Costello and the Impostors: Elvis Costello is a treasure in today’s music scene, as one of the forerunners of Punk and New-Wave- two movements that more than a few of the acts at Bumbershoot can trace their musical lineage to. Not familiar with Costello’s work with The Attractions, The Impostors, or The Roots? Or the time he appeared in an Austin Powers film (film?)

Give it a look here!  Otherwise you can watch Elvis Costello & The Impostors at:

Main Stage // 6:15pm // Saturday, August 30th

Elvis Costello


Main Stage // 6:15pm // Saturday, August 30th

4. Fly Moon Royalty: Having garnered endorsements from Seattle Weekly, KEXP, ThisCoast Magazine, and Seattle’s Mayor, Ed Murray, Seattle’s Fly Moon Royalty are a pair to watch. Blending r&b and soul-style songwriting backed by production referencing everything from hip-hop, trap, and electronic, to lo-fi tape sampling, the signature genre clash will be guaranteed to get the Bumbershoot crowds moving during their early set at:

Fisher Green Stage // 11:45am // Saturday, August 30th

Fly Moon Royalty


3. Current Swell: Fresh off a tour listing an impressive number of dates in North America, the U.K., the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Brazil, Victoria, BC’s Current Swell will be at Bumbershoot serving up an indie-rock set dripping in Southern honkytonk and country tradition. Supporting their most-recent release, Ulysses, Current Swell will be debuting a more spacious, matured sound that pushes the energy of last year’s Long Time Ago into more psychedelic, introspective territory- delivered raw, and always hot enough to keep ya’ warm in the BC winters.

Have yourself a foot-stompin’ good time at-

Starbucks Stage // 1pm // Monday, September 1st  

Current Swell


2. Polyrythmics: Def: The all-star assembly of some of the Great NorthLeft’s finest musicians and groove-masters.

Never an easy sound to pin down, Willamette Week has described Polyrythmics’ as "a  glimpse into what would have happened if the mothership had crash-landed in Nigeria in 1977…"

The point is- these boys get weird, but they get the f*** down in the process.

Gathered initially in 2010 to record a raw, live, self-titled EP Polyrythmics soon began playing regular live shows around Seattle relentlessly, building a loyal following that would buy-out their initial releases. Since then they’ve stayed on the charge, and look to be delivering a blistering warm-up to Bumbershoot.’s early crowd. Catch em’ at the:

Fisher Green Stage // 11:45am // Sunday August 31st


1. The Wu-Tang Clan: This one’s easily self-explanatory (see above), and in many ways a reason to attend Bumbershoot in-and-of-itself. Seriously, there’s no reason not to go see the Wu’ live- and don’t give us some excuse for yourself involving your job and/or your mother. Both your boss and your mother are going.

They got their tickets months ago.

Main Stage // 9:45pm // Saturday, August 30th


Catch the shows? Still chasing the party? Beside the already saturated performance schedule, the usual schmorgasbord of festival after parties and secret-sets promise to smolder on into the morning. Stay tuned to EPP and The-Re-Up’s social media pages for locations and updates.


Article written by Lucien Blakemore

Posted on August 30, 2014

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